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Birthing Classes

Image by Jonathan Borba

Well Women Physical Therapy offers a comprehensive range of services that equip expecting mothers with the knowledge and support they need for an empowering birth experience and recovery. Take a look at our amazing classes, designed and taught by Dr. Jasia Correa - Women's Health Physical Therapist and Birth Doula.

Image by Jonathan Borba


A Pelvic Health Physical Therapist's Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, and Recovery

As a Women's Health Physical Therapy practice, we know that birth is the most intense process your pelvis, ligaments, pelvic floor muscles, and perineal tissues will ever naturally experience. But your body was made for this moment! All you need is a little practice and the best support possible! Our course helps prepare you AND coach your birth partner so they can be that support for you on the big day. In this online course, you'll learn and practice:

  • The 5 S's of Pelvic Floor Muscle Function

  • Pelvic Floor Breathing for Stability & Birth

  • Pelvic Biomechanics in Each Stage of Labor

  • Baby's Positions in Pregnancy & Labor

  • The 7 Cardinal Movements of Birth

  • Movements & Positions to Support Pelvic Changes in Labor

  • Pain Neuroscience & The Fear-Tension-Pain Cycle

  • Pain Vs. Suffering & The "Take Charge" Routine

  • The 3 R's of Labor & How to Use Them

  • Evidence-Based Comfort Measures

  • Coaching for the Birth Partner

  • Engaging the Perineal Tissues via Massage (Perineal Stretching)

  • Reducing the Risk for Perineal Trauma

  • Stages of Labor & What to Do/Expect in Each One

  • Basic Postptartum Pelvic Floor Rehab Program

  • 4th Trimester Recovery Timeline and Guide

Birth Ball

Positions & Movement for Labor & Birth

For the pregnant woman, labor and birth are dynamic experiences during which she will benefit greatly from movement, mindfulness, and confidence in the power of her body. Positioning and mobility with the birth ball can help to ease labor pains, open the pelvis, encourage baby's descent, and reduce the duration of labor. Dr. Jasia teaches this movement-based education course to help women understand how to assist their body, their mind, and their baby throughout the miraculous changes they will undergo in labor and birth. Participants will practice positions, movements, and breathwork specific to each stage of labor, understanding how and why to move their bodies, calm their minds, and find their power in birth. 

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