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Easy DIY Postpartum Herbal Salve

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Herbal salves are easy to make and can possess a wide variety of different healing benefits depending on the herbs used. For example, Calendula is an herb well known for its soothing properties and can be safely used on burns, scratches, wounds, or even for diaper rash as it is safe for baby’s bottom. You can also add essential oils if you like.


First, you’ll need to start by making an herbal oil infusion. This takes the most time, but once it’s ready, you can make large batches of salve in bulk. The kind of oil you make will depend on what kind of herbs you want to use, and for what reason. Here are a few herbs for postpartum recovery including tearing, fissures, and hemorrhoids. Start by picking just one or two if you are a bit overwhelmed. Be sure to source your herbs from trusted, organic growers who will not use additional chemicals or pesticides. I get all of mine from Mountain Rose Herbs.

To make the herbal infusion, simply fill a mason jar with dried herbs and cover with oil of your choice - organic extra virgin olive oil works great! Place an air-tight lid on the jar and store away from sunlight for 3-4 weeks. When it’s ready, strain off the oil and discard or compost the herbs. Now you have your oil! You’re ready to make your salve.

Not keen on the wait or need your herbal remedy, like, yesterday? The Levo is like a coffee maker for your infusions! You insert the ingredients you want, easily adjust the settings, and within a few hours, you have your own homemade products for...whatever. So cool!



1. SLOWLY melt down coconut oil and wax in a double boiler (I use a glass mixing bowel inside a pot with some water)

2. Add any essential oils (not required)

3. Immediately add to container(s) and let cool to set

4. Place in the fridge for faster setting


Each time you use the restroom, gently cleanse the perineum using the guidelines provided by your birthing support team. Afterward, use clean toilet paper to gather a thin layer of salve and apply very gently to the perineal region - front to back - in a single swipe. If you desire more salve, use new toilet paper.

Disclaimer: The information in this post is not approved by the FDA nor is it a substitution for medical advice. Consult with your physician for issues related to health.

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