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Women's Physical Therapy & Birth Support

Exceptional holistic care helping women reclaim their pelvic health and overall wellness

"I’m so glad to have a pelvic floor therapist in our community. Jasia is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and caring. She’s helped me connect all the dots that other doctors have ignored. Jasia meets her patients where they are and helps them find real solutions."


It all started with a dream to shift the paradigm of women's Physical Therapy treatments.

To empower the patient as an integral team member in their healing, not just a passive participant.

To apply a multifaceted approach to treating the entire person, not just improving the functional outcome measure.


To place more emphasis on personalized one-on-one care, not just volume for increased reimbursement.

And to incorporate prevention and wellness into the rehabilitation journey. ​

Physical Therapy should be an experience of comfort, healing, learning, and growth; not a redundant regimen of "Pain and Torture".

We want to facilitate an environment that welcomes healing of body, mind, and spirit.

A journey to self. ​

We want to help change the way women think about and value their health, and to be a partner in their healing and wellness. 

You're more than just kegels.

So are we!

How Physical Therapy Can Help Women

Women's Health is a specialized scope of practice within Physical Therapy that treats numerous conditions related to the muscles, joints, nerves, connective tissues, and organs of the pelvis. Rehabilitation, provided by a trained and board-licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, is a highly skilled and comprehensive total-body approach which utilizes manual techniques, therapeutic modalities, corrective exercises, and specialized patient education. In addition to this, the overall scope at Well Women Physical Therapy includes orthopedic rehab, obstetric & maternal support, cancer rehab, holistic wellness, and injury prevention through movement assessment, strengthening, conditioning, and nutrition coaching. 


You're more than just kegels. So are we!

While every treatment plan is different for every woman, each plan is curated from a number of highly skilled interventions to help you reach your specific goals. 

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy 

Soft Tissue Massage

Visceral Manipulation

Muscle Energy Techniques

Joint Mobilization

Cupping Therapy
Laser Therapy, Ultrasound, Hot Cold therapy and TENS/ESTIM


Therapeutic Ultrasound

Hot/Cold Therapies


Yoga and pilates
Corrective Exercise

Corrective Exercise 

Yoga & Pilates

Strength & Conditioning

Flexibility & Balance

Functional Mobility

beautiful pregnancy
Esucation and Training

Education & Training

Childbirth & Postpartum

Holistic Nutrition

Lymphedema Prevention

Pelvic & Women's Health

Did you know musculoskeletal injuries are the #1 healthcare cost in the US? Most of these injuries are the result of exercise programs, which are supposed to be the gold standard of health and wellness, right? True! Everyone should practice daily exercise for optimal health, wellness, function, and mobility. So, this means that exercise has become both the answer and the problem in our country! Which is why Well Women Physical Therapy utilizes an evidence-based and highly comprehensive Selective Functional Movement Assessment in order to identify dysfunctional movement patterns, treat painful patterns (if they exist), and assist you in curating a corrective and/or progressive exercise program to suit your exact mobility and movement needs. This assessment is appropriate for every woman, no matter what her current fitness level or goal. We'll help you build movement literacy and confidence that supports and protects you throughout your rehabilitation and lifelong fitness and wellness journeys. 

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