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Breast Cancer Education & Support

From Provider to Patient

And Back Again

Chemo Round 3

When I began my career in physical therapy, I never imagined that I would work in oncology. When I began my career in oncology, I never imagined that I would be a patient. But that's what happened. It's a familiar story, isn't it? Hundreds of us are impacted everyday by that diagnosis. It comes, whether we're ready or not, way out of left field, and always during the most inconvenient time possible. Of course, there's really no convenient time to fight breast cancer. You just do it. 

And in my case, I had three little girls depending on me to fight as hard as I could. 16 rounds of chemo and a double mastectomy later, I sit on the winning side of the fight. But it's never really over, is it? We feel it everyday - the pain, the worry that it'll come back, the realization that our bodies will never be the same again. It's really hard. But we do it. 

What helped me the most was my background. I had an entire arsenal of knowledge on my side, and I definitely used it. I continue to use it and I've always known deep down that there must be a reason why I experienced breast cancer from both sides - as provider and as patient. I need to share my knowledge with others. I need women to know the things I do. Especially when they feel the most vulnerable and helpless they've ever felt in their entire lives. I can relate.

I would like to invite you to cry, to ask, to listen, to grieve, to heal, and to learn. Together, we will build more than a group of support. We will build a foundation of warriors who feel strong, resilient, and empowered even in their darkest of days. In honesty, cancer was not the hardest thing I've ever been through - because I had me. I had my knowledge and my experience. I knew what to do, what to ask, what I wanted, what I didn't, and how to advocate for it. And I want every woman in the world to have that, too. Don't get me wrong, cancer was no walk in the park, but my suffering was minimal. Suffering happens when we feel out of control and unsupported, and blessedly, I was neither. I had me.

I want you to have that, too.

Hope to see you there.



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Pink Box Donations

Bring your used chemo, radiation, and surgical recovery products! We are collecting donations to help women currently undergoing their treatments. Anything helps, and you're welcome to take anything you need from our Big Pink Box of Love!

Educational Topics:

Lymphedema Prevention & Post-Breast Surgery Recovery

Breast Cancer Wellness & Pelvic Health

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