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Online Programs

These programs have been personally vetted and Pelvic PT Approved by Dr. Jasia.

***Before beginning any exercise program - and especially any pelvic floor program - it is always recommended that you are first evaluated by a qualified Physical Therapist who is specialized in pelvic health. They will be able to determine your readiness for such a program, and guide you through the process. Think of these online programs simply as adjuncts to your Pelvic PT treatments.***

Dr. Bri's Vibrant Pelvic Health

Dr. Bri is a Women's Health Physical Therapist and Nutrition Coach. Her online format offers programs for both women and men and includes exercises as well as nutrition education. You may trial her programs for free before getting started, and she also offers a great deal of free education and exercises on her YouTube channel. Thanks, Dr. Bri!

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Vibrant Pelvic Health Programs:

Overcome Pelvic Pain for Women

Overcome Pelvic Pain for Men

Lift for Prolapse Relief

While Every Mother offers a variety of fitness programs for women, their primary vision is centered around helping women to identify and improve a very common condition called Diastasis Recti. You may have heard of it - and that's right - it's treatable! Combined with your Physical Therapy treatments, the EM program can assist you along your overall journey toward total core and pelvic health! 

Every Mother Fitness
Hypno BUBS Hypono birthing

Hypnobubs is an online one-stop-shop for Hypnobirthing resources. Their catalog is huge and includes courses, MP3 downloads, books, and more!

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