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Our Favorite Products

Women's Health is a huge industry containing thousands of products for anything from grooming, hygiene and sexual health to pain, bowel/bladder health, and prolapse. It's difficult to know where to turn! Here is a compilation of our favorite and most trusted products and companies dedicated to helping women achieve and maintain their goals, no matter what the journey. As always, check with your physician or other pelvic health practitioner before using any new device or supplement. 

Intimate Rose, Tools, Supplements, Creams

Tools, Supplements, Creams

Intimate Rose was founded by Dr. Amanda Olson, pelvic floor physical therapist and educator. Her products are FDA Registered, supported by the American Physical Therapy Association, and are widely used, trusted, and recommended by PFPTs across the US. Her website contains tons of free information and educational resources as well as written and video guides for use of her products. Dr. Olson also provides discount codes for practitioners to pass on to their patients. 


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vaginaldilators vuva, Magentic Dilators

Magnetic Dilators

VuVa Dilators are unique amongst other kinds of dilator systems. Their magnetic component is said to attract healthy blood flow to the tissues while promoting a healing environment within the alkaline, positive energy field. The VuvaTech website provides links to their clinical trials and information regarding safe usage. 

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Pelvic Floor Health
Squatty Potty

Toileting Devices for Bowel and Pelvic Health

It's not a joke or gimmick! The Squatty Potty has been recommended by pelvic health practitioners for years to help improve the mechanics of bowel movement, decrease straining, and prevent or manage symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse. Products are created for not only adult, but pediatric use as well!

Do you have a child with bowel or toileting difficulties? Visit our friend, Dr. Keller, over at Unconstipated Kids!

Heather's Tummy Care

IBS Relief and Bowel Health

Heather's products have been a staple in Dr. Correa's home and her practice for many years. The soluble acacia fiber is gentle and appropriate for all tummies (including tiny ones), and she has received tons of positive feedback from patients over the years regarding the effectiveness of Heather's teas in combating nausea and stomach upset for women with IBS, Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, pregnancy, and even those undergoing chemo treatments! The founder, Heather, is an IBS warrior and passionate about helping people improve their bowel health. 

Bowel Health
Uqora Vitamin Supplements, Urinary Tract Infection Prevention, UTI

UTI Prevention and Bladder Health

Uqora is a vitamin supplement formulated with D-Mannose and other bladder health promoting ingredients which have been found to assist women in prevention of UTI and promoting overall urinary tract health. They also offer a vaginal probiotic which includes L. Rhamnosus and L. Reuteri - not usually found in your standard "gut health" probiotic, and an emergency kit to help calm symptoms while you work on communicating with your doctor to receive antibiotics when infection is present. WWPT members can receive samples and a discount code as needed!

Desert Harvest Interstitual Cystitis and Bladder health

IC Relief and Bladder Health

Interstitial Cystitis is a chronic, painful condition of the bladder which can be isolating and debilitating for many people. Desert Harvest carries a large line of supplements and skincare products dedicated to helping women who suffer from IC and painful sex. Their products are free from paragons, CMOs, fillers, artificial preservatives and ingredients, and are recommended by many pelvic health practitioners including physical therapists, physicians, and midwives. 

Bladder Health
Livia Mentral Pain Devise

Menstrual Pain Device

Livia offers clinical trial-supported pain relief to women suffering from painful menstruation in a discreet, non-medicated device worn on the lower abdomen. There are no known side effects and can be used as needed throughout your day or night. 

*Women with pacemakers should not use the Livia device. Do not place electrodes over open wounds, infected/inflamed skin, or areas with active cancer. 

Hot Cherry Thearpeutic Pillows

Heat and Cold Therapy Pillows

Hot Cherry is WWPT's go-to product for heat and cold therapy treatments during patient care. HC is a small, women-owned family business with high quality, sustainable pillows made by hand using cherry pits to fill their center - and yes, they smell like cherries when heated! Pillow come in a variety of sizes and shapes for different areas/body parts, and are easily heated using a microwave or cooled in the freezer.

*Never sleep with heat/cold therapy pillows against the skin. 

Natural Pain Relief
Oh Nut painful Intercourse Relief

Painful Intercourse Relief

The OHNUT is a soft, flexible, modular device which fits around the shaft of the penis, comfortably limiting deep penetration which may be contributing to painful intercourse for some women. Many find this simple addition to the bedroom has made a huge difference, which is why we think it's so great! 

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Chiavaye Oil Based Lubrication

Oil-Based Lubrication

Most "drug-store" lubrications contain harsh chemicals which are irritating to the vulvar tissues and disrupt the natural microbiome. Chiavaye produces an oil-based lubrication that is natural and safe for both intercourse and general use to restore vulvar tissue health. 

*Oil-based products are not compatible with condoms. 

Good Clearn Live Vaginal health and Lube

Vaginal Health and Lube

Safe to use with condoms, all of Good Clean Love's products are made from organic ingredients designed to match and support the normal and healthy pH state of your vaginal environment. They contain no petrochemicals, parabens, hormones, or fragrances. The line also carries a line of products to assist women combating bacterial vaginosis. 

Samples for WWPT Members Upon Request!

Mystery Vibe Safe Pleasure Device

Safe Pleasure Devices

The "sex toy" industry is a multi-million dollar industry which has little to no regulation in the design and production of its products. Many of the materials are not safe or approved to be used internally. Mysteryvibe is an award winning company who uses true science, engineering, and follows a quality standard like no other. Products are created for women and men. 

Sexual Health
Mosie Baby Home Artificial Insemination Kit

Home Artificial Insemination Kit

Mosie Baby is a specifically designed syringe that is made to assist couples in performing their own artificial insemination as a method for improving chances of impregnation by essentially closing the gap between semen and the cervical opening. It's a great option to try before seeking out more medically invasive options, and has worked for lots of women!

Rael Menstural Care Products

Menstrual Care Products

Rael carries reusable and disposable options for your cycle, opting for materials that are organic and BPA free. Their products can be purchase online, and may also be found at your local Target. 

Fertility and Healthy Cycle
Tushbaby logo

Hip Carrier and Breastfeeding Cushion

The Tushbaby carrier allows you to breast feed, hold and carry your little one (up to 45lbs!) without twisting and hitching your pelvis into awkward positions that ultimately cause back pain. We love it! It also doubles as a great diaper bag/purse combo so you can carry less baggage around with you. 

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Ergonomic Devices
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