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"Not only has she helped me physically but mentally as well. She has carefully listened to all of my concerns and even takes the time to do extra research for me and goes the extra mile to send me information on things like helpful diets, counselors/therapist, etc. YES SHE’S THAT AMAZING! She’s funny, warm, makes you feel so incredibly comfortable, and cared for. I will forever recommend her to any woman struggling with any pelvic issue, she has LITERALLY changed my life and I will forever thank her for it!"


What to Expect

Women's Health Physical Therapist and owner of Well Women Physical Therapy, Dr. Jasia Correa, PT, DPT, will cover anatomy and function of the pelvic floor was well as common conditions, methods of treatment, and what to expect during an internal exam.

Can WWPT Help Me?

Book a FREE 30 minute phone consultation with Women's Health Physical Therapist and owner of WWPT, Dr. Jasia Correa PT DPT!

Your New Patient Evaluation Experience at WWPT!

At Well Women Physical Therapy, we believe every woman deserves specialized attention and the opportunity to be heard and validated in her experiences. We find that more women benefit most from longer sessions which occur less frequently. Our relaxing, spa-like clinic environment is specifically designed to promote ease and calm in the nervous system. Each woman has adequate time to tell her story, be heard, ask questions, have those questions answered, and become empowered through learning. We believe knowledge is power and power is healing!

Your initial session will include 2 hours of personal, one-on-one attention from your Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). You will begin by discussing history, symptoms, and goals in a thorough and comprehensive format which includes concurrent education and development of your personalized Physical Therapy Plan of Care. No cookie-cutter programs!

Evaluation is hands-on and may include an internal pelvic floor assessment, external orthopedic assessment, and posture and movement observations. 

Your DPT will discuss her findings with you throughout the eval process and ensure you are comfortable and well informed. It is always within your right to deny any particular test or therapeutic treatment if you do not feel comfortable. Hands-on treatment will be provided within the session, and you will take with you a robust initial home program which is custom designed for your specific goals and needs. 

FAQ: What insurances do you accept?

Now more than ever, insurance companies are restricting and dictating Physical Therapy reimbursements and even treatments. They decide how many visits will be covered and what codes are accepted, which ultimately limits the practitioners autonomy and treatment options for you. It is for this reason that WWPT is an out-of-network provider, meaning we do not contract with insurance. Because we do not contract with insurance, our prices are set and completely transparent. You will know exactly how much you're paying and what you're paying for. All material costs for treatments are covered by your payment - meaning we do not unbundle our therapeutic procedures to nickel and dime you. We will provide a Superbill for each session, which is a document you may submit to your insurance company to seek reimbursement if you choose.

*Reimbursement is not guaranteed and varies between companies and plans. Please contact your individual company to find out more. Here you will find a list of common codes used by our practice which you may use when speaking with your insurance company ahead of time if you wish. 

CPT Codes

97140: Manual Therapy 
97162: Physical therapy evaluation 
97535: Self Care Management Training 
98960: Education and Training for Patient Self-Management
97110: Therapeutic Exercises
97112: Neuromuscular Re-education
97799: Dry Needling
97032: Electrical Stimulation

97035: Ultrasound

ICD-10 Codes

M25.552: Pain in left hip
M25.551: Pain in right hip
M54.31: Sciatica, right side
M54.32 Sciatica, left side
R10.2: Pelvic and perineal pain
L90.5: Scar conditions and fibrosis of skin
R10.9: Unspecified abdominal pain
M54.5: Low back pain
K59.00: Constipation, unspecified
N94.11: Superficial (introital) dyspareunia
N94.12: Deep dyspareunia
N81: Female genital prolapse
M25.5112: Pain in left shoulder
M25.511 Pain in right shoulder
N81.84 Pelvic Muscle Wasting
R35.0 Frequency of Micturition
N39.3 Stress urinary incontinence
N39.41 Urge incontinence
N39.46 Mixed incontinence
R15.0 Fecal incontinence
R39.89 Other Symptoms and signs involving the genitourinary system


Follow Up Sessions

Rehabilitation is a dynamic process that requires time, patience, and dedication. Well Women Physical Therapy is here for you along that journey! Most traditional (insurance-based) Physical Therapy programs are structured at 2-3x/week for 8-12 weeks. WWPT offers longer, more comprehensive and personalized one-on-one sessions, allowing you to minimize visit number and frequency. We strive to provide the most holistic treatment and education possible in each and every one of your sessions. We want to empower you to be your own healer!

Follow Up Sessions are 90minutes in length. You will always be seen and treated only by your Doctor of Physical Therapy (never a technician) and together you will be able to progress your therapy program and decide upon the most appropriate schedule for you, whether that is once per week, every other week, once a month, or once a quarter! We work with you on what's best for you.

FAQ: How many therapy sessions will I need?

WWPT never provides cookie cutter treatments for our patients. 

Every woman and every program is different and tailored specifically for what she needs. Most of our patients have 4-8 follow up appointments after their initial evaluation, taking with them what they have learned and continuing on their own path to recovery with empowerment, independence, and confidence in what she has learned about her body! Sessions might be weekly or can be spread out to every other week or once per month. Therapy may also continue for as long as you feel therapy is needed. Our clinic sees many women with chronic conditions, so while some women reach their therapy goals quickly and feel they are ready to leave the nest, others remain with WWPT long-term to help maintain their improvements and/or treat flair ups from their condition when they occur. It's up to you!

Your Health & Wellness Investment at WWPT

We believe in transparency. What you see below is what you pay and there are lots of opportunities for valuable discounts along the way! Your investment includes all education, treatment, and modalities. We don't unbundle our services or charge extra for "add on" services like Functional Dry Needling, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Cupping, Kinesiology Taping, etc.

Learn more about all of our various treatment techniques and modalities here!

We accept HSA/FSA, Credit/Debit, Apple Pay, and offer financing via Vagaro Pay Later. 

**Law currently prohibits Physical Therapists from accepting direct payment from patients with Medicare/Medicaid**​

If you do not see a day or time that works best for you, give us a call!


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